Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Land Tour Pictography

Ralph had a four day weekend so we took a little trip.....here are some images just for fun.

Yes a Greenhouse would fit nicely here next to the shop...with room for a walkway between. The sun will hit it at just the right time and it would be sheltered from wind.

Imagine sitting out after lunch planning your next move...in summer of course!

A good pond and excellent barn site...with the cows enjoying the sunshine.

Shorthorn Oxen along the way, Ralph stopped so we could get a photo of them, I do have a soft spot for Shorthorns and Roan is such a lovely color!

This was the biggest house. It has a really good floor plan, a walkout basement, a sunroom, a mudroom, 2.5 baths...yes all the trimmings. Fail! The land was steep and rough and that did not show up at all in the photos. Even the Google satellite images did not help us in this instance.

An early start to day two. We were well rested and ready for the next discovery's!

What a lovely secluded location...can you see the buildings? Barely and the trees were alive with squirrels, birds of all kinds and even some rabbits.

"Are you going to buy my Farm?"  She watched us and I wonder what was going on in her mind?  A sweet Golden Lab called Abby. She was still watching from her window when we left.

These fellows welcomed us to the next farm...a cacophony of loud and raucous honking! There was also some quite offended waddling as they crossed the driveway in front of us!

A very nice chicken house and large fenced run, this farm was well set with buildings and a custom built double-wide that was "overbuilt". 2x6 walls and an arctic climate insulation package. It takes next to nothing to heat or cool and the owner was a contractor who spec'd it out.

Farm dogs are so nice, this girl was a rescue and the people got her to protect the chickens and geese. She loved the chickens but is a bit intimidated by the geese.

Meet Queen Bea, she is a farm dog too! Well she thinks she is. This is shortly before her capture and removal to the house, wrapped in a towel and headed to the bath! She was just having far too much fun running around all over the yard and through mud and all sorts of things!

All in all we had a very good trip. We saw 8 properties, one was a revisit, and we dropped four. We did tour the crowd favorite, Union Church Lane. It is a lovely place but has a few more issues than just the chicken barn. There is an odd easement to a spring on the back of the land for a neighbor to get water, it does not state exactly how he can get it...a water line? A road to it? They did not know. There is also quite a bit of mining in the area and to the north of the farm next to the chicken barns are two coal ponds from coal mining.  We had to check it out though and I am glad we did.

Now we wait. Closing is very soon.....it is starting to sink in, we may finally  really be getting our new home!


  1. We have learned over the years that easements are nothing but trouble. Also, we never will share water or roads on our property. The voice of experience. The second place looks great. Good luck to you.

    1. The Union Chapel looked so good, thats why we went to see it even though we knew about the chicken barn. It just gets worse though. The deed [to Ralph and I] clearly states the Mineral rights are excepted as per previous deeds. This is the same wording as applied to the spring access easement. Not good. The mining and logging is too close. It really was beautiful if you did not find out this stuff!