Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Mission Results

I so appreciated the comments on the properties. There have been some developments.

First the Union Church Lane property was the most popular.

There is some disturbing news about it though. Kim noticed some shiny buildings to the NE of the place and after another comment about chicken barns I broke out the Google maps and to my  horror found a chicken CAFO. I then called the realtor and he said..Yes there was a Chicken farm in that direction, about a mile and 1/2 away. Then I looked at the map again and checked the legend for scale and it is less than 1/2 a mile away. Now the Realtor said it hardly ever smells...hummm I am not an idiot!

 The Chicken barns near Union Church Lane.

Riddle Road was the next one and I called  the Realtor to ask more questions. It has gone under contract.  She said it has been under contract before  and the deals have fallen through, where have I heard that line before? She will call me if anything goes wrong with this deal. I know what these people feel like and I hope they succeed in selling this time.

It did have such a nice walk in basement!

 The last property was the one on Shady Lane. The big Amish Home.

I have to admire the Realtor. She was really honest and I appreciated that. She had gone out to look at the home for us. You could tell she did want to give us a glowing "come and buy this place" review but instead I could almost hear her grit her teeth and get to the point. Its a big solid house. However it is not finished and has a lot of work to do inside. The upstairs bedrooms have no doors and no framing for doors. The plumbing is not roughed in well and the owner had said it would take little effort to get the bathrooms up and running but she said he is overly optimistic about that.
The hardwood floor in the lower level is not installed well and she said it had gaps in it she caught her heels in. She then asked me if Ralph was a handyman...because if you had the knowledge and wanted a project this house could be grand!

Again Thank you all for your time and I  hope this gives you some idea of the way properties turn out and what you can find out to begin with.

Now here is one we think would be perfect for Ralph and I...the address sure fits. So just to make you smile check this one out.

514 Nature Lane, Oddville, Kentucky 41031 




  1. I remember all too well what house-hunting was like. One place that was on a very nice lot had 'a little bit of work to do on the foundation', according to the realtor. It had a chasm in the center with a river running through it. A little bit of work, indeed. Your perfect house will find you Fiona...

    1. Thank you for the thoughts...I know wherever we are the place will be ready for friends to visit!

  2. Oh Fudge.....really liked the Union Church place.

    1. I think we are going to look at it anyway. If everything else is good? Sigh!

  3. found Daniel Boon's place. Don't give up...your place is out there just waiting for you to find it. You will know it when you see it.

    1. It does have a rustic flair! I can see Daniel Boone Hiking those paths with a Kentucky Long rifle!

  4. It took us a few years to find our property ... well, actually for it to find us..... and we ended up moving out-of-state, which was not even in the 'plan'. You're homestead will appear when you least expect it.

    Oh, and try searching the listings by terms like 'farm' or 'ranch' instead of acreage. Our property was listed as being under an acre. We discovered it was considerably more than that by the description that was written for the listing.

    I pray that you have success in your search soon.