Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year?

All over the world we saw images of grand firework displays and partying. There was also chaos and horror with crowds trampling each other and the inevitable fighting when there is too  much to drink and party goers go to far.

There is always hope for a new year but in this day and age there is also restlessness and uncertainty as never before. Even the fireworks show changes...we used to be able to buy fireworks and have our own small but exciting the government has stepped into control them any way they can. In some countries they are completely illegal unless super regulated by the government and only specific people can handle them. It seems sad that we accept the governments infringement on our decisions at such a basic entertain ourselves.

We are still waiting for the close of our land sale. We are extremely frustrated with the wait as there is so much tension in the world around us. We feel time slipping away that could be used getting prepared and set up.

This is not a normal happy new year salutation...we are worried about the world around us. Watch alternative less biased news services, learn new things, garden, become prepared as best you can. God bless you all and have strength in the new year ahead. We are going to need it!

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  1. We are going to need it, Fiona. You are right about that.