Sunday, May 8, 2016

Just to make you laugh

 Ralph having a discussion with one of the Buckeye hens

I know our Turkey's are this smart.

So appropriate considering we live in the home State of Kentucky Fried Chicken!

This is Ralph's favorite cartoon and I am kinda partial to it as well!

I hope these  made you smile and think of the fun side of all the work we do having small or large livestock!

Be safe and enjoy the spring and all it has to offer.


  1. I liked the first cartoon best but they were all good.

  2. Funny! I like to find humor in everything I do!

    1. We spend a lot of time laughing at the antics of the poultry. They are always doing something, like today, Ralph is mowing and he ran over something...what ever it is one Buff hen has it and is running full speed all over the yard with a whole lot of other hens following her....chickens are really not built to run gracefully!

  3. That was fun, Fiona, thanks! Can't wait to show these to Dan. :)