Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Insanity of Politicians

plural noun: politicians
  1. a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.
    synonyms:legislator, elected official, statesman, stateswoman, public servant; More
    informalpolitico, pol

    "campaigning politicians make more promises than they can keep"

I am so tired of the insanity of the politicians that are supposed to be running this country. The very sight of a campaign poster makes me grind my teeth.

What on earth has happened to the honest desire to serve the community around you? To do your civic duty and serve for the sake of service and  not personal gain or fame or heaven forbid adulation!

What brought this on you ask?  A phone call from a pollster. These surveys could be one of the root causes we are in so much trouble. I suspect strongly it is one reason politicians all seem the same. They are all responding to a poll of the public and those poll's all ask the same questions. None of the questions asked really got to the point. They were what Ralph and I consider "Fluff".

Think back when you were a child...your parents did what was good for you not what you wanted, Sometimes the decisions they made were hard to take but they were made with concern for the person we were going to become. Someone has to make the hard choices. You cannot give everyone everything they want all the time. The strange thing is why the general population seems to now think the government will take care of them. Do our households survive running a deficit of huge size every year? NO we go bankrupt, there are serious consequence for spending more than you have. So  now we let the government be unaccountable for the insane spending but we still want all the perks of government. We need to practice restraint ourselves. I find an amazing percent of bloggers who have small farms, homesteads or gardens understand this concept of self reliance and sufficiency. We take personal responsibility for our actions and survival.

Parents don't let their children act like spoiled brats yet we watch behavior from politicians that would have got us a clout up side of the ear or a grounding for a month, loss of privileges and just general discipline. As a child my parents taught me lies are not to be condoned. Do what you say your going to do, keep your word. Help those who need it, be polite to your elders. Respect  is earned.
I find the politicians seem to lie through their teeth, seem to conveniently forget campaign promises. Respect no one, and just be rude!

What are we looking for in a leader?
Webster's Dictionary defines leadership as "the power or ability to lead other people, - See more at:

I beleive we all think of a Leader with a different view, here are some men who I think have what it takes to be a true leader. They do whats best not what is the easiest or will gather the most votes. Some still write their own speeches....putting part of who they are down on paper. No diluted writing for them by someone else.  Some are in the past and memory of the countries they led. Some are liked some are less popular but they do and did what had to be done, they understand the HARD choices.

These are men who made decisions that did not make them popular in the countries they led, the decisions they made had and have huge effect on how and what kind of country they lead. Can you see Trump or Hillary in this group?  Can you?

Anyway I hope I didn't get your blood pressure up too much with my selections, this country needs a terribly strong and savvy leader to get it though the next years. To deal with the loss of respect worldwide, to get a handle on the spending nightmare of big government, to stop the social disintegration of family and community, to rebuild the economy and actually admit the economy is in severe trouble.

We need to be ready to handle the future, be secure safe and prepared. God Bless you all.


  1. Politicians seem to have no problem talking the talk. But when it comes to walking the walk, they are total failures. I have serious doubts that any one of them remembers they work for us - not the other way around.

  2. Thank you---I agree with what you have written 100%.
    I love your blog. Respectfully, Sandy L

  3. Trump, for all his warts, is probably the last hope in this country. If we have Hillary for eight years, following on eight years of Barrack Hussein, the reality will make post apocalyptic fiction look hopeful by comparison.

    1. The tragedy to me is I don't think that the people who become politicians by choice are the kind of men [or women] we need in these times. Profit and re-election are too foremost in their minds.
      I do think Trump is smart enough to surround himself with the right people if he does not cave to the pressure.

  4. Well said. You know, here in the US it's not very popular to admire Vladimir Putin but I have thought more than once about how he has been able to make some pretty valid decisions for his country.

    I am truly embarrassed about the circus our candidates have turned the selection process into. Things need to be changed, such as how the candidates are being chosen at the very beginning, all the way down to thinning them out to two. This whole thing about voters being "represented" by those "super-whatevers" does not end up in votes that are Of The People, By The People, and FOR The People. Do away with that dang Electoral College!

  5. The coin toss is another bizarre twist to electing the presidential candidate. There is something so broken in this race.