Thursday, May 5, 2016

Subtle Pervasiness or Industrial Food Infection

Did you know 90% of sugar beets in the US are GMO.....94% of Soy is GMO....88% of corn is GMO.....70% of cotton is GMO.

Although the DNA changes in sugar beets does not impact us after processing the beet to sugar, the glyphosate [Round-up] used on GMO crops still does!
The process with Round-up goes like this. Spray the field with Round-up before planting the beets to kill any weeds or crops from the previous year. The field will get sprayed again to kill weeds that emerge during the crops growth. There is residue in the farmland from years of Round-up use and glyphosate is proven to be a very dangerous chemical.

I have become a bit label this why the Federal Government wants to enact the Dark allow food companies to use the cell phone QR Codes as you can scan the label and find the information. That is the subtle nature of this food knowledge problem. Ralph had a app for his phone so we could find out food information above and beyond the visible label information...90 % of the stores we shopped in had bad reception and the information was unavailable.

I can envision a mother shopping for food trying to juggle food and children, a shopping cart and her cell phone to scan a QR code. Then running into no reception or poor reception, she will fling up her hands and certainly not spend any time looking up food she is interested in.

Ralph and I have and are researching more about food and how to be healthier. This is an ever expanding topic and it is like thing leads to another and another and soon your way down the rabbit hole with Alice! We are learning that the American diet is incredibly unhealthy. The FDA regulates the use of chemicals and additives but there is little research into the accumulative effects of all the artificial ingredients or the preservatives or how they interact together.

A simple package of treats that we used to have in the vehicles when we traveled for quick snacks has some disturbing things in it:

- Reduced Iron

- TBHQ [Tertiary butylhydroquinone]

- Sodium Metabisulfite

- Disodium Inosinate

Sorbitan Monostearate

- Titanium Dioxide

This is such a small example of 'things' in food, but it is quite disturbing to think it isn't in just one food, the far larger percentage of processed and fast foods contain these or like these ingredients. The accumulation of chemicals that are processed to add to processed food takes it farther and farther away from (A) Being real food and (B) Being healthy  food.

The actual base for the food for example Wheat, is grown with chemicals and modifications, then it is sprayed with Round-up to speed ripening, then hauled to a plant where all the goodness is processed out of it. Then it has all the goodness added back to it with artificial ingredients that last longer, look pretty and don't cake or clump. The  base flour is then used to make snack cakes and treats and more things are added to those products, Chemical, artificial and preservative to make them look bright and tasty and stay on the shelf for weeks on end.

When I was a child my Mother made bread  on Monday, it would mold if we didn't use it, now loaves of bread last far longer and they tend to dry out before mold grows  on them.

We never thought of washing apples we had just picked off the tree before we bit into their juicy goodness, Now stores sell products specifically for washing fruit and vegetables before you use them.

So now we have a very sick and ailing population starting at childhood. I listen to advertising concerning child hunger in this country and I wonder if those children who are a bit hungry might be better off for it. I read and research food and get a sick feeling  in the pit of my stomach at how all pervasive the problem is and can we get a grip on it in time?

I know we are more and more anxious to get all of our food from the farm. There is a small ray of hope if we can get more people to grow their own food or at least learn to read and research what they do eat.

In closing watch what you eat and grow something edible, even in an apartment you can have small tubs and buckets with greens in them, fresh greens with no sprayed chemicals on them, greens you can eat right out of the pot!

God Bless you all.


  1. just talking to a friend today about the younger generations are the first to have more unpronouncables in their diets than actual food.
    all this childhood diabetes, among many other illnesses, stem from the foods and from the other chemicals in the air and water.
    when i was a kid, in the long ago and far away, asthma was almost unheard of.
    we are killing ourselves.
    for the congress to subvert the will of the people by refusing to have foods thoroughly labeled is undoubtedly the result of much silver having crossed many palms.
    only God can save us from the corrupt evil doers who have wormed their ways into the upper echelons of power.
    i write to our senators and portman says he is promoting organic farming here [ohio].
    the 'just label it' movement is putting pressure on legislators, too, but i think the majority of americans are unaware of the sources of our diseases.
    corruption is wider and more brazen than i have ever seen it before.
    love your website.

    1. It becomes more disturbing every day. I am so thankful that God gave us this chance here in Kentucky. I hope your doing better and stay safe and well.

    2. Our prayers to you and your husband. You are in our thoughts.

  2. I just read that organic crops are being watered with fracking water and it is allowed to still be called organic. That water is loaded with chemicals. California. Also, crops are sprayed with roundup to dry and mature them, like potatoes. Makes the crop wilt and dry up so they can harvest quicker.

    1. The Fertilizer Plant back west where my old place was, tripled their chemical and fertilizer sales every year for 8 years because of GMO. They didn't sell much Round-up in the fall, then people started to Round-up the wheat so they could get it off the field faster, they couldn't keep up to the demand. Here in Kentucky we are seeing lots of fields that have had cover crops on them for the winter now sprayed with round-up and then planted to corn or soy bean.

  3. It is definitely concerning. Organic options are coming available, but no one knows for sure they're really organic. Right now I'm most horrified by the promise that there will be lab grown meat in our life times.

    1. jewlz, talking today with friend about these issues. her husband has a big garden, so she knowswhat they eat is safe. asking God's blessing on your food at table is the only thing that some of us have to protect ourselves.
      grow your own and pray over your everything!

    2. Lab grown meat is not the immediate threat but it is disturbing. The chemicals and additives in everyday food is something we can start to deal with right now. Even if you just eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup from your diet it would and does make an enormous difference in how you feel. High fructose corn syrup is a cheap sweetener, subsidized buy us the tax payer.Real sugar while it is not good for us is considerably less damaging than HFCS but it is not as subsidized. I am ranting....I apologize but it just makes me much solid evidence our industrial diet is extremely unhealthy and the Government stands with the unhealthy approach!

    3. Excellent point, Deborah. Prayers and prayerfulness are mandatory IMO.