Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thoughts on a Garden

God Bless those who Garden....


  1. Fiona - i loved reading all of those memes/thingies....every one of them spoke to me. yesterday while down at the river, i looked at all of the trees on our property, the reeds in the river, the cranberry bushes near the river's edge, the osprey flying overhead, listening to the sqawk and scronks of the ravens and the crows and all i thought was - we bought this property in order to make a small homestead, feed ourselves, and be stewards of the rest of the land. i felt peace.

    also i wanted you to have a look at this post:

    bahahahahahah! i got a mermaid tail! can you believe it? i know it sounds crazy but i have always wanted one!

    also, yesterday - we ate our first free meal. fresh-caught trout, beet greens and sorrel from our greenhouse and hot peppers that we somehow grew over the winter. an entire free meal! nothing beats that.

    sending love! your friend,

    1. That mermaid tail.....whew! Added to your hot pepper story...I am still laughing.
      I have noticed since Ralph and I worked on getting our own food stored up that our garbage output had dropped by about two thirds. All the dried goods are vaccucanned, stock, sauces and veggies are in jars, meat is in the deep freeze and jars.
      And the meals we eat from our own stuff just taste so much better. I do miss river caught trout, fish here are not really safe because of the centuries of civilization, these rivers have a lot of weird things running into them. In the future we may stock our pond as it is high ground and the run off into it is just from us.

      Take care 'O' Mermaid!

  2. This entry had me smiling from start to finish; so true!

  3. hey hon - i've nominated you for a Leibster blog award - check it out on my blog. xox

  4. Good thoughts. We are enjoying our minuscule garden this year.