Friday, May 13, 2016

Feisty.....fearless and a tiny fluffball

Well our hatching is going strangely. All but one of the turkey hens have gone broody. One died from it she simply refused to come out and drink or eat. We took her out to see if she would and she did not stay out even to drink water in front of her. We found her asleep in her nest. It was very sad and I felt so frustrated. Information I have read says some become obsessed and she was.

Ralph has built very nice nest boxes and a duck took over one. We thought we were ready and for one maybe two broody turkeys it would have been fine. Nothing we researched said (A) they would lay so young  (B) Lay prolifically at 5 to 6 eggs a week or (C) ALL go broody at  once

Anyway we are learning. We have about 6 days before we know if they are going to be successful......with poults.

One turkey hen hatched a chick. Chickens take 21 days.....turkeys 29 days so she ignored it but wasn't mean to it but she wouldn't take it our to feed it.

We gave it to a broody hen who loved it but got confused about the chick and her eggs. Sigh....we kept putting the chick back and she would tuck it under her feathers carefully and then it would get out again.

It was fine though and is a tiny golden chick.

The day before yesterday we were expecting a heavy thunder storm so Ralph went out to the workshop to put the Grillo inside.

I was doing dishes and he came in with his dreaded "Fiona, we have a problem" line!

He was holding the chick. He had found it out almost to the Oak tree and it was peeping feircely.

Oh grief I thought.

Anyway the little thing took right to water and food, I would tap the tabletop by food and it would peck  like crazy...water was much the same way. What to do with one tiny chick. Humn. Well we have Bio-dome to start plants and they are currently empty.

This is what they look like set up for germination, I took out the plug trays.

The table still had the heated plant mat on it as we are germinating some more herbs....perfect match.  We put shavings in the bottom tray with water and feed and an old t shirt of mine the chick had pooped on. It rules the roost for sure and is doing really well. We find it perched on top of the rolled T shirt surveying his kingdom.

So here I am, technically a hen with one chick!

Can you resist this adorableness! I mean really!!!

So continue our adventures. By the way the cat sleeps beside the biodome and the chick will peck the side and the cat flies off the table as if the very devil was after her!

God Bless you all and enjoy all the tiny surprise's you get in life!


  1. Oh Fiona, I love your posts. You always make me smile. Strange things happen on the homestead, don't they?

    1. We have just spent/wasted half an hour playing with "the" chick. It is hilarious, it loves to be with us but for Petes sake don't pick it up. It likes to perch on Ralph's arm.
      Your do right about strange things on a homestead and miracles!

  2. oh Fiona - that is sooo wonderful! and using the biodome - brilliant! that chick is so cute and is going to grow up and be an awesome addition to your homestead!

    sending lots of love! your friend,

  3. There's a lot of personality in that small, fluffy bundle!

    1. He/she is just too much fun and talk about rule the roost. I found Ralph at the laptop with "Peeper" napping on his shoulder tucked up by his head where he was warmest!